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Services and goods

Services and goods

The choice of services and goods is a necessary action. We are ready to provide you with everything you need for a dignified and personalized funeral experience. To honor the memory of a loved one.


The choice of whether it will be cremation or burial will be up to you.

Cremation is the process of burning the body of the deceased in a crematory oven, followed by burial of the ashes.

Burial is the process of burying the deceased in the ground in a cemetery.

Cremation is usually chosen as a more budgetary option for burying the deceased, followed by burial of the ashes in the ground, or storage in a crypt. Currently, burial in a cemetery is a more laborious process, but the most common.


The hearse is a necessary part of the funeral. Our transport is specially equipped for funerals. From a special place for a coffin to comfortable places for loved ones of the deceased. And we also have the opportunity to order additional transport to transport more people.

Ritual accessories

We have a wide selection of all necessary paraphernalia for a funeral. From coffins of any kind, crosses, wreaths, to such trifles as candles and handkerchiefs. From us you can purchase everything that can be useful in any burial scenario.


Our funeral staff undergo ongoing literacy testing, which allows us to select dedicated teams capable of working under stress and difficult conditions to create the results of a stable state of calm. We also meet very common people for the funeral process. Based on the experience of conducting a large number of burials, they help to increase you from problems and worries throughout the entire burial process, which will significantly reduce the stress level in this case.

Additional paraphernalia

We have an assortment of additional paraphernalia for a more comfortable funeral. From the necessary “supports” under the coffin and chairs to portable automated antiseptics.

Additional services

We also have additional services. Such as renting a tent, a tent, a heater, an air conditioner, a sound amplifier, a monitor, as well as decorating a grave and a place of farewell.