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Funeral process

The organization of the funeral process is an integral part of the funeral itself. And all these moments can be put on our shoulders.

Preparation of a package of documents

Our specialists can collect the necessary documents for the funeral process. The moment of transferring the package of documents will take place immediately before the funeral itself, or a possible option for transferring documents in advance, immediately upon readiness.

Staff briefing

Depending on the complexity of the funeral process, our staff undergoes a brief introduction to the entire scenario of the funeral. But, despite this, our staff is able to adapt to a sharp deviation from the planned scenario of actions, which will help to avoid all possible errors.

Preparation of ritual paraphernalia

Preparation and verification of ritual paraphernalia is carried out in advance of the process itself. The person responsible for the availability and delivery of the goods undergoes the necessary inventory of the goods, which makes it possible to exclude the human factor that affects the availability of this product at the funeral.

Preparing rental paraphernalia

The preparation of rental paraphernalia is also carried out by those responsible in advance, which makes it possible to guarantee the timely appearance at a particular place of the funeral process. and excludes any errors.