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After-funeral service

Arrangement of the burial site is an integral part of the post-burial process

Cleaning and beautification of the grave, installation of a fence and a monument – this is all that we can do for a loved one after the funeral.

After-funeral service

We have all the necessary resources to provide a wide range of after-funeral services. Necessary cleaning of the grave after a while. Further beautification of the burial site. Various and mandatory procedures to prevent the desolation of the grave and all ground structures on the territory of the burial site.

Arrangement of the burial place

The next step in the post-burial process is to arrange the burial site, and a temporary solution is to install a polymer-granite structure on the site of a mound that can replace the installation of a monument for a certain period. Then comes the installation of a metal fence selected from among standard blanks, or according to your individual vision.

And at the very end, the installation of the monument remains, which includes the following actions:

  • The choice of a monument from the options provided by the company, or an individual order.
  • Discussions of appearance, concept, cost and production time.
  • Preparation of necessary documents.
  • Providing images and inscriptions on the monument from any selected options.
  • Providing personal data (full name, date of birth and death)